We’re Making Cincinnati Great, Together!

Western & Southern helps build healthy communities by supporting financial stability, quality health care, educational achievement and community partnerships.


Working Together

Community partnerships are a key part of our strategy to be a good corporate citizen. These events attract investment and excitement to our city and give our associates a way to make an impact personally.

Our most visible title sponsorship is the Western & Southern Open tennis tournament. Our long-term commitment to this world-class event helped keep it in Cincinnati more than a decade ago. Today, it continues to draw visitors and media coverage to our city and over the past decades the tournament has given just under $10 million directly to key community beneficiaries.

But that’s not our only sponsorship. Ride Cincinnati (pictured above) gives our associates the chance to be a part of the largest corporate team in the city and raise funds for important breast cancer research.

Whether it’s walking to support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis or giving the gift of the Crib of the Nativity, a team of Western & Southern associates is likely to be at the forefront of every charitable fundraising event in Cincinnati.

Corporate Philanthropy at The Barrett Cancer Center

Investing in the Future

As a Western & Southern associate, you’ll have the opportunity to come together with others and invest in the future of our city via our annual United Way and Arts Wave drives.

Each year our associates work to raise money to keep Cincinnati as a vibrant center of arts and culture. In 2016, our own Barrett-Tones even competed in the Arts Wave Sing-Off. In his annual letter, our CEO, John F. Barrett said, “Keeping the Arts alive in our region is critical to maintaining vibrancy throughout our communities.” And our associates do just that.

Western & Southern also invests in the community through our partnership with United Way. Each year W&S is a Pacesetter organization, meaning we help set the bar for others in the community. In 2015 we were honored as a “Corporate Hero” because of the volunteer hours contributed by our associates at events like our Community Care Day (pictured above). These are just two small ways that our commitment to the long-term view comes to life in our community.


Celebrating Success

Western & Southern doesn’t just invest, we also celebrate. Through awards, banquets and events we work to bring to life the good work done throughout our community.

One of the prime examples is the Dr. Lawrence C. Hawkins Educator of the Year Award. We created this award in 2007 to help energize the Cincinnati Public School’s drive to improve educational achievement. We present the $10,000 award annually to an outstanding CPS educator. Dr. Hawkins, whom the award honors, was a local education and community leader and a member of our Board of Directors.

We don’t just celebrate success externally. Internally we recognize our associates who work hard for their communities. Whether it is sharing a thank-you breakfast for those who drive our charity campaigns or awarding the “Humanitarian Award” at our annual State of the Business, we celebrate and recognize those who work hard to live our mission of making Cincinnati a great place to live, work and play.