LDP Program

Developing Extraordinary Leaders

Welcome to Western & Southern Financial Group. We are a dynamic, diversified financial services organization with outstanding financial strength. Our vision is to become one of the most dependable, service-oriented financial services organizations in the world leveraging our financial strength.

LDP internships give candidates a realistic preview of life as a full-time LDP associate at Western & Southern Financial Group. The internship lasts 10-12 weeks during the summer between years one and two of a student’s MBA program. read more
LDP associates participate in four to six rotations that provide a strategic perspective of each of the major business units that comprise Western & Southern Financial Group. read more
After successfully completing three years of rotational assignments throughout Western & Southern Financial Group. LDP associates are promoted to officer-level positions. read more
At Western & Southern, our LDP associates and interns have the invaluable opportunity to develop a strong relationship with a C-Suite executive officer – their senior management mentor. read more

Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) builds on that strength and vision. It is designed to develop top MBA graduates (LDP associates) and MBA students (LDP summer interns) through strategic assignments, high visibility assignments and partnership with our senior management team.

Our Leadership Development Program challenges the best to become extraordinary financial services leaders with impact throughout Western & Southern Financial Group and in our surrounding community.


Characteristics of successful LDP associates

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